Monday, 16 January 2012


It was a very good day for NCDEX as it launched its RBD palmolein future contract. NCDEX is the india’s first exchange that offer future trading to the investor with contract size of 1 MT and thick size is 50 paisa,the delievery unit is 10 MT and delivery centre was taken to be kandla the whole thing is designed in a order that it attract retail participation.The experts said that the palm oil is the one of the major consuming edible oil in india also with 46% market share.
The research said that india consumes 30-32 lakh MT of RBD palm oil each year and demand for RBD PALM is increasing every year due to the fact that it is preferred by the packaged food industry and also it is getting very high demand for retail purchase due to the cost to the othe edible oil. The change in prices of RBD which is the largest traded edible oil in India makes risk mananment very crucial. As large importers hedge themselves in international exchange but small traders of RBD palmoein are influenced by price chage.The lack of correlation between indian prices and Malaysia and Indonesia prices, makes more difficult in India.The RBD has been produced to benefit the value chain said our experts.

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