Monday, 9 January 2012


NCDEX started New year with very good result as the exchange passed the highest traded volume of Rs 11,290 crore on Tuesday last week as expert analyze. NCDEX expert says this was higher than the last year traded volume of Rs 11,061 crore recorded on last year 29 july. NCDEX has been repeatedly increasing from the physical market participants and the long term investors in the recent past because of the growing open intrest , where NCDEX shown 30% increase over the last year.
Open interest is the value represented by open positions and reflects the strength in participation by investors & .As the NCDEX recorded the highest price benchmarks to the local and international market, in order to maintain the growth and higher participation from hedgers.So NCDEX proposes to have meeting with Forward Markets Commission to discuss the ways to make awareness among the value chain participants. In agriculture sector the exchange is providing Risk management and price discovery to the economy as a whole.

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