Saturday, 10 March 2012

NCDEX Trade Volumes at Rs 14.6 Hundred Thousand Crore in Apr - Jan.

A Top official articulated that NCDEX limited has taped a total trade economic value of Rs 14.6 lakh crore from Apr 2011 to Jan 12, this new season.

Chief Business Officer, Vijay Kumar of NCDEX told a press conference here that India's leading agricultural commodity derivatives exchanges has been witnessing a rise in the volume and open interest which indicates the conscious efforts to increase participation from the physical market participants and long term investors, he also added that NCDEX has also viewed a good increase in the volume of oilseeds and edible oils.

Mr. Vijay Kumar refuses, that trading in 47 commodities in farming, energy, metallics element and plastics through NCDEX elevated any rising prices, he pronounced that the grangers were getting compensable costs of their green goods before and after crop production and discover future prices through reasonable trading yet in the external marketplace.

He also articulated that NCDEX declarations serve as price benches mark to regional and external marketplaces. It is important that the growth is maintained and higher engagement is attempted from hedgers.

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